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Giro Manifest Spherical

Giro Manifest Spherical
  • Color: Matte Ano Orange
  • Color: Matte Black Hypnotic
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Color: Matte Blue Midnight
  • Color: Matte Portaro Grey
  • Color: Matte Grey/Green
  • Color: Matte Harbor Blue
  • Color: Matte Olive
  • Color: Matte Metallic Black/Ano Lime
  • Color: Matte White
  • Color: Matte White/Black


Among the Manifest's extraordinary features is Spherical Technology, which utilizes a ball-and-socket design powered by MIPS, the market-leading brain protection system that helps to reduce rotational forces. Spherical Technology allows the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash and also eliminates contact with a hard-plastic slip-plane. In addition to leading head protection, the Manifest offers wide-open airflow thanks to the AURA reinforcing arch, which bolsters structural integrity while allowing air to flow into the massive Wind Tunnel vents. You'll also get a comfortable, secure fit with the easy fit and positioning adjustments built in to the Roc Loc Trail Air fit system and plush, antimicrobial XT2 padding for exceptional sweat absorption.

- Spherical Technology's Ball-and-Socket design, powered by MIPS, helps redirect impact forces away from the brain by allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. It also eliminates contact with hard plastic or slip-planes against the skin.

- Dual-density foam liners designed to address high- and low-speed impacts for more comprehensive energy management.

- Structural integrity is bolstered by the shatter-resistant and translucent AURA reinforcing arch that runs throughout the helmet.

- Integrated eyewear grippers help secure sunglasses.

- All Giro helmets are designed to reduce as much energy as possible while meeting and exceeding stringent safety standards. The goal of Giro's MIPS-equipped helmets is to reduce rotational forces. Giro believes that helmets equipped with this technology can reduce the amount of rotational force that may be transferred to rider's brain in certain impacts.

- This visor features an adjustment mechanism that lets you move the visor up and down in indexed steps. These steps include three riding positions plus a high position for goggle storage above your brow. The design allows you to easily adjust your visor with one hand while riding.

- Pure silver is the secret ingredient that gives XT2 the power to provide natural, permanent anti-odor protection to keep your helmet feeling and smelling fresh.

- The integrated rubber goggle gripper on the back of the helmet helps to ensure that goggles stay in place even when you're getting rowdy on the trail.

- The Roc Loc Trail Air Fit System offers micro-adjustable fit adjustment, enhanced ventilation, and durable design that resists abrasion, scratches, and UV rays.


Adult Super Fit SizeCircumference
Small 51 - 55 cm
Medium 55 - 59 cm
Large 59 - 63 cm
X-Large 61 - 65 cm

Note: We recommend you try helmets on before buying. Make sure the helmet fits with a little room when the fit system is loose, and sits low enough to protect your forehead without hindering your vision. Once you’ve got the right size, you can adjust the fit.

Complies with the US CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmet for Persons Age 5 and Older

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Matte Ano Orange / Small 768686478444 7141957 GRM25124469S
Matte Ano Orange / Medium 768686478451 7141958 GRM25870217S
Matte Ano Orange / Large 768686478468 7141959 GRM25932247S
Matte White / Small 768686357435 7124959 GIR61747724M
Matte White / Medium 768686357442 7124960 GIR61868949M
Matte White / Large 768686357459 7124961 GIR61764345M
Matte White/Black / Small 768686476594 7140189 GRM25172123S
Matte White/Black / Medium 768686476600 7140190 GRM25402191S
Matte White/Black / Large 768686476617 7140191 GRM25970360S
Matte Black / Small 768686345579 7121540 GIR6121187M
Matte Black / Medium 768686345586 7121541 GIR61874492M
Matte Black / Large 768686345593 7121542 GIR61589786M
Matte Black Hypnotic / Small 768686347078 7122350 GIR69171378M
Matte Black Hypnotic / Medium 768686347085 7122351 GIR69560785M
Matte Black Hypnotic / Large 768686347092 7122352 GIR69225311M
Matte Blue Midnight / Small 768686357619 7124977 GIR68184774M
Matte Blue Midnight / Medium 768686357626 7124978 GIR68190931M
Matte Blue Midnight / Large 768686357633 7124979 GIR6815381M
Matte Grey/Green / Small 768686357527 7124968 GIR6556030M
Matte Grey/Green / Medium 768686357534 7124969 GIR65147007M
Matte Grey/Green / Large 768686357541 7124970 GIR65365053M
Matte Harbor Blue / Small 768686476624 7140192 GRM25132268S
Matte Harbor Blue / Medium 768686476631 7140193 GRM25853821S
Matte Harbor Blue / Large 768686476648 7140194 GRM25377138S
Matte Metallic Black/Ano Lime / Small 768686476655 7140195 GRM25593488S
Matte Metallic Black/Ano Lime / Medium 768686476662 7140196 GRM25486099S
Matte Metallic Black/Ano Lime / Large 768686476679 7140197 GRM25733361S
Matte Olive / Small 768686347191 7122368 GIR61577613M
Matte Olive / Medium 768686347207 7122369 GIR6134878M
Matte Olive / Large 768686347214 7122370 GIR61102714M
Matte Portaro Grey / Small 768686357343 7124950 GIR6079155M
Matte Portaro Grey / Medium 768686357350 7124951 GIR60794459M
Matte Portaro Grey / Large 768686357367 7124952 GIR6016365M