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NICA Program

Any student or coach that is currently a NICA member has the opportunity to receive a 20% discount on Scott bikes, and 10% off parts and accessories. Stop by World Cycle & X.C. Ski or call (208)-343-9130 for more details. Download NICA form here.

World Cycle & X.C. Ski is proud to sponsor the Boise High School NICA Program. The Boise Braves mountain bike team is affiliated with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). Boise offers many healthy outdoor recreational activities. Mountain biking is just one of many amazing activities Boise offers. NICA is a fast-growing program for student-athletes in the United States. The program teaches students many important values in life. An example of what NICA supports is the development of a strong body, strong mind and strong character.