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Nordic Shop Labor Rates

World Cycle & XC Ski is committed to high performance Nordic Skiing. We have experienced staff that can help you select the proper equipment. Our product, sales, and service department reflects the passion that we have for the sport. Stop in the shop and let us help you with your Skate or Classic needs.

Nordic Demo Rates: Ski before you buy, try out some of the best nordic ski equipment!

24 hour skate/classic ski demos (skis, boots, and poles) - $50


Basic Wax - $20

  • Cleaning of ski, application of hydrocarbon hot wax, scrape, and brush.

Performance Wax - $35

  • Recommend for all skate skis.
  • Basic wax plus.
  • Application of low fluoro wax instead of hydrocarbon for added durability and glide.

Thermo Bag - $80

  • Recommended for all new skis, freshly stone ground, or dry skis.
  • Cleaning of ski, application of soft wax heated in Thermo Bag for six hours, cooled overnight, scraped and brushed.
  • Application of hard wax, cooled, scraped and brushed.
  • Application of low fluoro “wax of the day,” cooled, scraped, and brushed.

Classic Prep. - $40

  • Cleaning of ski, application of "wax of the day", scrape, and brush.

Binding Mounts:

Skate or Classic - $40

  • Mount skate or classic bindings on skis

Cut Poles - $20

  • Poles are cut to skier height based on classic or skate discipline.